Armored Core: Verdict Day No Future for Mercs Video

Is it worth living another day if you have no future?
NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe has released a new video for Armored Core: Verdict Day. a mech battle action game in the works at FromSoftware and scheduled to launch on September 24th in North America and three days later across Europe, for Xbox 360 and PS3. You will command a squadron of advanced Armored Core mechs in a dystopian future ravaged by war. Players will form squads of up to 20 members and enlist into one of the various in-game factions to wrestle control of territories away from other players in the game's persistent multiplayer mode.
The Operator Mode returns from Armored Core V, allowing players to tactically command a squad of Armored Cores through missions by relaying real-time information to other pilots by marketing targets and setting rally points. Armored Core: Verdict Day expands the role of Operator to fully command a squad of computer-controlled Armored Core mechs, creating a brand new real-time strategic mode for the Armored Core series.