Collectems Unveiled

A retro-style roguelike-influenced monster collecting RPG
Developed by The Layabouts for PC, Mac and Linux, Collectems is a monster-collecting RPG which combines influences from classic RPGs with modern roguelike elements. Assuming the role of an adolescent in the relatively isolated Tamota Peninsula, players venture into a land where strange mutant creatures called Collectems have ravaged the natural ecosystem. Taken in as anything from household pets and workplace assistants to biological weapons of mass destruction, they captured the hearts of millions, becoming a full-blown culture-defining phenomenon. A fire at their father's business, coupled with his mysterious disappearance, leaves the player responsible for a lifetime's worth of debt. In order to pay back what is owed and rebuild the company, they set out into the world, using the unique capabilities of their Collectems to earn a profit.
You will discover various different Collectem species of multiple types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. And you will battle a team of carefully trained Collectems in strategic turn-based battles, where death is permanent and planning is key.