Rack N Ruin Trailer and Screens

Don't save the world, corrupt it
LifeSpark Entertainment, a studio established by former Blizzard artist Tyler Hunter, has released a video and twelve screenshots for Rack N Ruin, a game that takes cues from classics such as the Legend of Zelda series, while infusing the action with the modern trappings of The Binding of Isaac. Rack N Ruin stars a demonic wizard with a flair for chaos and destruction.
As Rack, players will discover a wide open overworld to explore, as well as a collection of devilish dungeons, all meticulously hand-crafted by Hunter and his team. But Rack N Ruin isn't about saving the world, it's about corrupting it.
Rack N Ruin is set for launch early 2014 on PC and Mac, with iOS and Android versions to follow.