Tooth and Cog Kickstarter Campaign Underway

Multiplayer RTS/turn-based strategy hybrid in a steampunk universe
In the works at Riveting Games, Tooth and Cog is a multiplayer online strategy game that blends elements from classic 4x turn-based strategy games with the high-stakes objectives and cooperative gameplay found in real-time strategy and team-based multiplayer games. The game features a post-apocalyptic steam-powered world to explore, improve, and conquer, epic machines that can reshape cityscapes and battlefields, and synchronous turn resolution.
In Tooth and Cog, you are the leader of a group of survivors - yesterday, citizens of the many-layered technological marvel known affectionately as the Old City; today, the shell-shocked and bewildered refugees of an inexplicable, sudden, and total destruction. From the City outskirts where you find yourself at the start of the game, you must organize followers, raise their morale, cobble together a frontier economy, and lead them to explore and rebuild from the greater secrets and dangers buried in the rubble. To claim greater heights for your followers and build a new society, you must navigate and neutralize the hazards of the Old City's fallout.
As your people venture into the crater and closer to the City core, you're bound to find more useful buildings and equipment to repair, as well as any number of other valuable artifacts and relics from the Old City's vast and arcane technology. That is, assuming others haven't gotten to them first.
Its Kickstarter campaign page is located here.