Arma 3 Beta Trailer Released

Experience true combat gameplay in a massive military sandbox
Bohemia Interactive has released a new video for Arma 3 presenting the new SP showcases, MP scenarios, firing drill challenges, faction, vehicles and weapons available in the Beta version. The video also teases vehicles and military hardware that will be added in the near future.
The Arma 3 Beta features the 20 kmē island of Stratis, 20 weapons, 18 vehicles, 3 factions, 8 showcase missions, 4 multiplayer scenarios, 4 challenges, the scenario editor and modding support. To participate in the game's development, people can purchase the Arma 3 Beta (34.99 EUR/29.99 GBP/44.99 USD) or the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (44.99 EUR/39.99 GBP/59.99 USD) on Steam or
Both editions include a Steam version of the full retail game upon release. Prices will increase once the complete game becomes available.

ArmA 3
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