Lead Jungle Unveiled and Screens

The game requires careful strategic planning, good micro, and a bunch of time to finish
Developed by a three-man team, Lead Jungle is a 2D side-scrolling squad based RTS game in which you will guide a squad of 4 elite commandos through dangerous jungle, full of natural and unnatural hazards. Each squad member possess unique skills and weapons set, and serves its own tactical role in overcoming block-posts, ambushing enemy patrols, taking down bases by storm and eventually defeating powerful bosses.
Lead Jungle features over 40 levels in main Story mode, full of unpredictable plot twists and hilarious moments, two additional gameplay modes (Challenge - full of tricky puzzles and Lasts Stand - where your squad is faced against overwhelming odds), unlockable different uniforms, day and night cycle, semi-destructible environment, death traps, tons of guns, bloodthirsty enemies, stealth kills, and more. Four screenshots found their way in our gallery.