Trichrome Released and Screens

Trichrome is the Dark Souls of twitch pattern games
Created, designed and programmed by Sean M Puckett after a 16 year hiatus from game development, Trichrome is a fast-paced game of tactical tile matching: you make large triangles out of four smaller ones. You score more points and earn more time by extending your triangle combos into more complex shapes. A completed combo returns a newly upgraded tile, and you match those up the same way to score higher and higher.
Each round starts with a number of specially marked pieces, and the game clock runs out unless you remove them quickly. By making different shapes, you can unlock symmetry, mirror and kaleidoscopic bonuses and even capture other tiles to raise your score multiplier up to 20x. Most games take about 5-10 minutes to complete, and there are 30+ achievements and 3 leaderboards to measure your skill.
Four screenshots found their way in our gallery.