Galaxy on Fire 2 HD New Android Version Available for Free, Screens Released

Explore a vast, living galaxy with more than 30 different star systems, 100 individual space stations and 50 fully customizable space ships
Along with these screenshots, Fishlabs Entertainment announced that Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is available now via Google Play as a free download. Prior to the launch of this new 'All Android' version, the game has only been available for selected Android devices, such as the Sony Xperia PLAY or the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nexus. The new version, however, is available on Android smartphones and tablets running Android 3.0 and above.
Besides the epic storyline of the main game, which offers approximately 10 hours of action-packed sci-fi gaming in a vast universe with hundreds of individual space stations and planets, the Android community can now also look forward to the campaigns of the extensive add-ons Valkyrie and Supernova. Both expansion packs can be unlocked via in-app-purchase and offer tons of new content as well as two new adventures within the endless reaches of the Galaxy on Fire universe.
The add-ons are available via IAP for US-$ 4.99 (Valkyrie), US-$ 6.99 (Supernova) or US-$ 9.99 (Bundle).