Battlefield 4 Battlelog Trailer and Screens

With Battlelog, the Battlefield is always at your fingertips
Electronic Arts has released a new video and four more screenshots for Battlefield 4, this time presenting the most advanced installment of Battlelog, which is set to deliver a new level of social integration that enhances the overall Battlefield 4 experience. With this gaming companion, players can log into Battlelog and check out their stats, interact with friends and much more from their smartphone, tablet, browser or directly through their console. Battlelog offers a second-screen experience to give players the chance to better enhance their game. Whether it is highlighting attack points on the mini map, keeping track of squad members or playing as the team's Commander, every move made in Battlelog reflects directly back to the game in real-time.
In addition, gamers can now switch their weapons, change their load outs and check their progression at any time, all with real-time results in-game. Players can also select servers or even launch a match from their devices, making the transition between game sessions easier.
Battlefield 4 is due to launch on October 29th in North America and November 1st across Europe, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 - the game is also being developed for Xbox One and PS4.