Elsword Launched on Steam and Screens

Six distinct characters, a skill-based PvP mode, and more than 50 cel-shaded PvE area
Manga-themed massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Elsword is now live via Steam, Kill3rCombo announced. Elsword is set in a world that draws its energy from the mythical Eldrit Stone. One day, this stone fractured and the shards were spread out in all directions. It's now the task of the players to reunite these shards and to then ensure the survival of the world of Elsword.
To accomplish this task, the players must fight their way through diverse worlds full of mean monsters and other dangers. The heroes of Elsword have numerous skills and combos at their disposal with which they can take down their opponents in best beat'em up fashion. PvP fans will get their money's worth in specially made arenas, where they can measure their skills against and alongside other Elsword players.
To celebrate the launch, special deals will be available exclusively for Elsword Steam players for a limited time. They will be awarded a bonus 5% for each purchase of $50 worth of Elsword currency and 10% for each purchase of $100. Also, exclusive in-game titles with powerful bonuses will be given to new Elsword accounts created through Steam. Finally, all players will be able to earn prizes by conquering dungeons with Steam users in their party.
Eight screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.

Elsword on PC
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