CastleStorm Released via Steam and Screens/Trailer

CastleStorm is a blend of physics based destruction meets tower defense brawler
Set in a colorful medieval world, CastleStorm is a new breed of 2D archery projectile warfare and 2D physics-based structure destruction game. It features a story-driven single player campaign as well as local and online co-op/multiplayer modes. Additional PC features include mouse and keyboard support with fully customizable controls, and multiple graphical settings including anti-aliasing.
CastleStorm is now available via Steam featuring a set of Steam trading cards.
In related news, a new CastleStorm DLC will release on Wednesday, July 31st on both Steam and Xbox LIVE Arcade. The first of two planned expansions, From Outcast to Savior features a brand new Royal Guard faction, new environments, an unlikely Hero, 20 new battles, new weapons, Skirmish & Survival levels and new Achievements. From Outcast to Savior will be available for 240 MSP on Xbox LIVE Arcade, and $2.99 on Steam - a new video and four screenshots have been added in our download section.