Crusader Kings II Save Converter Added to Europa Universalis IV as Pre-Order Bonus

New pre-order bonus lets players import saved games, early adopters also receive free copy of Crusader Kings II
Those who pre-order Europa Universalis IV will be given a free copy of the strategy/RPG Crusader Kings II, Paradox Interactive announced. Early adopters will also receive a new Saved Game Converter for Crusader Kings II, which will read the details of a saved game from a Crusader Kings II and convert that into a game that can be played in Europa Universalis IV. Fans of Crusader Kings II will be able to maintain the empires they have established and guide them through the age of exploration in an all-new strategic experience, continuing their personal stories of expansion and conquest.
Both the saved converter and copy of Crusader Kings II will be available as pre-order bonuses on August 1, and players that have already pre-purchased Europa Universalis IV will receive these additional bonuses.