Two New Modes and Trading Cards Added to Zeno Clash II, Trailer Released

New content available now, including Steam Trading Cards
Releasing a new video, ATLUS announced that the PC version includes now two new challenge modes which push players' skills - and computer specs - to the limit. In the Frame-rate Challenge Mode, surreal wireframe enemies begin spawning with increasing frequency. The enemies still require skill to beat, but the waves are only limited by one thing: the PC's performance.
The Colosseum Challenge Mode is a wave-based attack mode that will push players to the limit. 50 waves of enemies will spawn, with increasing difficulty. True mastery of Zeno Clash II's first-person combat system of deadly combos will lead brawlers to victory, but there is some respite between rounds as players will have access to the store to buy weapons, power-ups, even allies. Unlike the game, there's no restriction on the number of allies either.
In related news, players will now have access to the Zeno Clash II collection of trading cards, which can unlock Steam profile features unique to the game.