Project Snowstorm Kickstarter Campaign Launched

The game promises a vast 3D world with interactive play-style and an adaptive RPG story line
SnowFury Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Project Snowstorm, a new MMORPG with real-time pet battles, expansive 3D world, ranked individual & guild PvP arenas - all on your mobile device. The first in a planned trilogy of games, Project Snowstorm will take players back in time to a fishing village of simple, hardworking people whose world has been turned upside down just as they are beginning to grasp the concept of Technology, the untapped source of their realm's power.
As the game begins, the barriers separating the human realm from the good and evil races and creatures of other realms are weakening. Energies from the Elemental, Spirit and Eternal realms are seeping through the widening cracks, changing the world in which you live, altering animals and even the land itself. But much more dangerous beings are out there, waiting to break free, beginning to make their presence known: the Eternals.
In your travels, you will discover new lands, new cultures and creatures that have been altered for good and ill by the energies pouring out of the rift between the realms. Some of these creatures you encounter will come to your aid as you race to unlock the mysteries of the Ancients and put a stop to the ever-present Eternal threat.