Lost Planet 3 Frozen To Death Video

Do you think youíre fit enough to survive E.D.N. IIIís deadly temperatures?
Capcom has released a new trailer for Lost Planet 3, the third entry in the futuristic third-person shooter series due to be available across North America on August 27th and in Europe on August 30th, for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The temperature on E.D.N. III is a lethal minus 120 degrees and only the fittest can survive the terrifying conditions that await them on this frozen planet. This latest video from NEVEC gives a chilling account of the reactions to severe cold, including mental and body responses to harsh environments.
If you think you're fit enough to survive E.D.N. III's deadly temperatures, then take the test here and find out how your skills compare to some of the greatest survival stories in history.