Battledroid Alpha Version Released

Join the war by fighting with and against giant armies of autonomous battledroids
In the works at Puppy Games, Battledroid is a massively multiplayer asynchronous online war fought over the blasted and war-torn landscapes of Earth in the not entirely distant future a few centuries from now. At war are various ultracorporations (called "factions") which vie for control of territory in order to boost their own manufacturing capabilities. The gameplay consists of designing armies of battledroids and simulating battles against existing deployed armies that already occupy a territory.
The defender has the advantage of choosing the best strategical terrain; the attacker has the advantage of being able to change their army repeatedly to probe for weakness in the defence. Once an attacker is certain that a particular deployment will defeat the defending army for a particular territory, the army is actually deployed and the battle is fought and if the verification proves true then the attacker takes the territory from the defender, and has a certain amount of realtime in which to deploy a new defending army. If the attack fails then the defender remains in position, unchanged.
The Alpha version is locally mirrored.