Heaven's Hope Unveiled and Screens/Trailer

The road back to Heaven is paved with good adventures
After almost two long years of silence, Hanover-based independent developer Mosaic Mask Studio revealed they have resumed the development of Heaven's Hope, a Goth comedy adventure game set to be available for PC and Mac. A fairytale adventure inspired by some of the greatest Goth comedy artists of our time, Heaven's Hope puts you in the shoes of apprentice-angel Talorel, a young student of Heavenís stunt-flying academy who is close to passing the final exam that will finally turn him into a full-fledged angel - but when you suddenly collide with an unknown flying object, you crash onto 19th century Earth near the town of Heaven's Hope. Accident or not, should the archangels find out that you passed the Heavenly Barriers without permission they will cast you out forever.
Accompanied by your best friends Myriel and Azael, it is up to you to raise Heaven and Earth to find your way back up in time for the final exam. But beware of the dangers ahead - Heaven's Hope is in the firm grip of the Spanish Inquisition, and they will give you hell before they let you return to the skies.
Heaven's Hope will arrive in Q4 2014 - a couple of screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.