Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink Released and Screens/Trailer

The first Polish steampunk adventure game
Artifex Mundi has released a new video and twelve screenshots for Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink announced the availability of this steampunk game developed for PC. Gargantuan earthquakes devastate city after city. World-renowned researcher and inventor Dr. Ambrose Ink begins investigating these strange phenomena, and learns their origin may be supernatural. His search leads him to the high city of Hochwald. But upon his arrival, the scientist mysteriously disappear. His friend and protégé, secret agent Evangeline Glass, takes up the search, beginning where the doctor's trail leaves off. The clues lead her to the castle of the Barber Family and its current leader, Gerhard Barber, newly-appointed General Engineer of Gottland, who makes no secret of his authoritarian practices.
In order to find her friend and help to solve the mystery of the quakes, Evangeline must prove her intellect and bravery through espionage, fighting, and mastering the incredible machines of the steam revolution.