Paradox Interactive gamescom 2013 Lineup

Wizards and vikings taking appointments to assault convention-goers
Paradox Interactive today announced that its lineup of games for this year's Gamescom in Cologne includes Magicka: Wizard Wars and War of the Vikings - the latter of which will be available for hands-on demonstrations for the first time. Europa Universalis IV will also be shown in a multiplayer game live stream, featuring guest commentator and YouTube personality Quill18.
In addition, Paradox Interactive is partnering up with ESL to showcase Magicka: Wizard Wars and War of the Vikings to the Gamescom masses from August 21-25. Multiplayer battles from both games will be played and streamed live from the show floor, to be a part of the action head over to Hall 8 and visit the ESL booth for more details on play times.