Perils of Man Announced for iPad and Screens/Trailer

Developed with help from ex-LucasArts game designer Bill Tiller
IF Games today announced that the first episode of Perils of Man, a serialized adventure game developed for iPad, will arrive in October 2013 - the second episode will follow later this year. When sixteen year-old Ana Eberling receives a gift out of the blue from her missing father, she is catapulted head-first into an enthralling mystery that will take her on a journey through time.
Ana is amazed to learn that her ancestors were inventors of an incredible technology that gave them the power to eliminate uncertainty. Ana needs to know why her family has fiercely kept this potential boon to humanity from the public for generations, and if the answer to that question has something to do with her missing father. Ultimately, Ana must decide if a perfectly predictable world is a curse on humanity, or a triumph for mankind.
Seven screenshots and a video have been inserted in our download area.