Hero of the Kingdom Released and Screens

Story driven role playing adventure for the casual audience
Along with these screenshots, independent games developer Lonely Troops announced the availability of Hero of the Kingdom, a non-linear story driven title that features an intriguing story, in which you are cast into a rescue mission in search of your father. Until that point, you had been living the quiet life on your farm in your shire, comfortably enjoying the wonderful peace. Nothing lasts forever and one day malicious bandits raided your house, burnt it to the ground, and kidnapped your father. With your heritage and life on the line, you are challenged to a risky journey where darkness has fallen upon the country.
You will meet and interact with characters to gain knowledge and insight giving you valuable clues. To survive, you must find ways to earn gold by mastering your skills and bartering. You can even collect herbs, hunt for animals, and go fishing.