The Red Solstice Available for Purchase and Trailer

After 5+ years in the making
Unveiling a new trailer, Ironward announced that The Red Solstice, a strategic, team-based action shooter from the top-down perspective with a strong focus on unique and cooperative multiplayer, is available for purchase in its alpha stage. Set in humanity's dark, final hours, on a lonely, isolated colony on Mars, The Red Solstice is loosely based on a popular mod for Warcraft 3, called Night of the Dead.
The singleplayer campaign is focused on a marine called Tyler Hunt and his squad, designated as "Alpha Squad". They are sent to investigate a communications failure in the Tharsis colony on Mars. This portion of the game has a story that expands over to the multiplayer and provides information and tips for every class available later in multiplayer. The story progresses across 15 missions, as players will take on the roles of 7 unique characters. It is also meant to teach players how to use the environment down in the field. You have limited ammo and only minutes to gather any supplies before they come. "They" are the mutated hordes of virally altered monsters of all shapes, sizes and varying degrees of viciousness, but with one common purpose - you dead.
As the game progresses, these monsters become tougher and tougher, demanding more and more effort and planning on your part. This is the part of the game where teamwork, one of the game's strongest suits, becomes most apparent. Surviving requires players' cooperation in multiplayer and failure to do so will more often than not result in a lost match, especially in the later stages of the game.