Animal Voyage: Island Adventure Released for iOS/Android and Screens

Pocket Gems' newest game takes players to mysterious islands to rescue exotic creatures and build animal sanctuaries
Along with these screenshots, Pocket Gems announced the availability of Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, a game that sends players on an island-hopping adventure to explore exotic environments in order to save animals in danger and bring them to their own customized paradise. Players go on a quest around the world in an effort to rescue animals like gorillas, bears, leopards, rhinos, hippos and rare, exotic creatures. Players begin their journey with a trusty red panda by their side and over time acquire more and more animals, each with a unique ability like breaking rocks or cutting down trees to help them along the way. Once animals are saved, they journey home to a comfortable and safe sanctuary to live in peace together.
Animal Voyage: Island Adventure is available for free via App Store and Google Play.