The Elder Scrolls Online Business Model Unveiled and gamescom 2013 Screens

Subscription-based system revealed
Bethesda Softworks has revealed that The Elder Scrolls Online, the MMO in the works at ZeniMax Online Studios under the leadership of industry veteran Matt Firor, will require a monthly subscription. You will pay the game and receive unlimited play for the first 30 days; after that you must pay once per month.
The Elder Scrolls Online will offer a player-driven PvP conflict that pits the three player factions against each other in open-world warfare over the province of Cyrodiil and the Emperor's throne itself. The story of the game is set a millennium before the events of Skyrim as the daedric prince Molag Bal tries to pull all of Tamriel into his demonic realm.
Eight fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.