Fable Legends Revealed and gamescom 2013 Video/Screens

Return to Albion, a picturesque land full of thrilling stories, exciting combat, and high adventure
Developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox One, Fable Legends takes you back to a time when Albion is teeming with Heroes. You can play the game single player, with a party of three heroic AI companions that follow your lead through stories and adventures. Or you can play cooperatively with up to three friends and discover the game's quests and content together.
Fable Legends also invites you to play the bad guy as never before. The Villain player takes control of the many creatures, minions, traps, and environmental hazards that Heroes must overcome. Villain play combines elements of strategic decision making and tactical control. When those pitiful Heroes enter an area, you’ll choose which minions are sent into battle and where to place these creatures to maximize their effectiveness. Once the fight begins, you issue the orders for your creatures to execute: telling them where to go, which Hero to attack, and what abilities to use to ensure your evil plans come to fruition.
Three visuals and a video have been inserted in our download area.