Thunder Returns in Killer Instinct and gamescom 2013 Screens

After nearly a decade, the popular fighting franchise returns to Xbox One
In the works at Double Helix for Xbox One, Killer Instinct features robust progression and rewards, dynamic challenges customized to player behavior, and predictive matchmaking for seamless competitive fights. During the gamescom 2013 event, Microsoft and Double Helix announced the return of fan-favorite character Thunder, the tomahawk-wielding mystical Native American, first teased at E3 2013.
Thunder joins the previously announced Jago, Sabrewulf and Glacius in the lineup of Killer Instinct characters. Killer Instinct for Xbox One will be free to download with one free playable character available. Additional characters will be available for purchase starting at $4.99 / 3.99 / 4.99 each.
Eight fresh screenshots found their way in our gallery.