Skylanders Swap Force gamescom 2013 Screens

Boom Jet and Grilla Drilla are new SWAP Force Skylanders, while Slobber Tooth and Zoo Lou are new core Skylanders for Skylanders SWAP Force
We have fifteen more screenshots for Skylanders SWAP Force which builds upon the success of the franchise's signature game play with an all-new innovative play pattern - swapability - that gives kids more choice than ever before by letting them swap the top and bottom halves of the toys to create their own characters.
The game lets Portal Masters reconfigure 16 SWAP Force characters into more than 250 unique combinations. Kids can mix and match characters' powers and moves, and then bring them to life in the game. Fans of the franchise also can play Skylanders SWAP Force with their entire collection of characters from both Skylanders Spyro's Adventure and Skylanders Giants, now with the added capability of jumping.