The Gate Closed Beta Signups

Previously known as Hell Invaders
Spicy Horse announced they are accepting applications for the upcoming closed beta test of The Gate, a collectible card game/RTS set to be available this fall for PC, Mac and tablets. The first 10,000 players to sign up will enter the initial round of testing and get a first look at the game.
The Gates features actual card battles - rather than two cards "fighting" on a table, the creatures within the cards actually have 3D representations that fight it out--as well as cards that sport upgrades and swappable skills, so even cards for the same creature can be completely different. Players can battle it out in a single player campaign or take up cards and fight in PVP arenas. For more peacefully inclined souls, trading, card management and other social features provide ways to enjoy eternal damnation.
The Gate is due out in Q4 2013 in partnership with DeNA.