Spot The Differences: Party! Coming Soon and Screens

Aimed at all audiences, it offers a journey through odd and attractive scenes in many different settings.
Releasing these screenshots, Sanuk Games announced that Spot The Differences: Party! will be available in the Wii U eShop in Europe and America on September 5th. Spot The Differences: Party! builds on the earlier success of Spot The Differences on WiiWare, removing all limitations that came along with the WiiWare platform. The game is now supercharged with 360 high-definition scenes and 3,600 differences to find.
In single-player mode, it can be played either on the Wii U Gamepad or on the TV with a Wii Remote. Two multiplayer modes also allow up to 4 friends or family members to play together: in synchronous multiplayer mode, one player plays on the Gamepad while others play with Wii Remotes - they compete on who finds more differences; in turn-based multiplayer mode, players play in turn on the gamepad. In the end of each round, they get a synchronous replay on the TV to see who found differences fastest.