Urban Trial Freestyle Coming to Steam and Screens

Urban Trial Freestyle is available to pre-order on Steam with a 20% discount and an additional exclusive rider suit DLC
Available now on PS3, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS, Urban Trial Freestyle will be launched for PC via Steam on September 18th for $14,99 / €13,99 / £11.99, Tate Multimedia announced. Urban Trial Freestyle for PC includes a wide range of Steamworks features such as Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Steam Cloud, Controller enabled and Steam Trading Cards.
Urban Trial Freestyle offers gamers real-life inspired motorbike stunt and racing action, all taking place across 47 levels within five diverse cityscapes. It includes three single player modes: Time Attack, Challenge and Stunt Mode which tests players' performance skills for mastering special stunts such as the Highest and Longest Jump, Biggest Flip, Precise Aiming and Speed Check. In addition, players can challenge friends in multiplayer via an asynchronous ghost mode and online leaderboards.
A large batch of screenshots has been added in our download section.