Mountain Crime: Requital Released on ToomkyGames

Mountain Crime: Requital, an enrapturing game, will have you at the edge of your seat
GamesPub sent over a press release announcing the availability of Mountain Crime: Requital, a new hidden object and puzzle game in which you are a doctor summoned to a luxurious mountainside resort to treat a guest who has suddenly taken ill. After the arrival of the doctor, a great storm descended upon the town effectively obstructing the only viable entries and exits to and from the resort. Everyone is stuck, with no recourse. As one death turns into many, suspicion brews. With no possibility of anyone entering or exiting the premises, the killer must stem from within.
The player must investigate the mysterious killings occurring within the confines of the resort in order to effectively end the reign of terror that has cost so many their lives. Using clues such as newspaper clippings that divulge the hotelís haunted past, conversing with involved parties and by solving various puzzles using the mouse, the good doctor will find out the truth behind the murders.