Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Ships and Trailer

New modes, dynamic new stages and deadly new fighters highlight definitive Dead or Alive 5 title
Team NINJA has announced the European availability of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, a package that includes Dead or Alive 5, all of the new modes from Dead or Alive 5 Plus, new stages and new fighters, including the first ever DOA appearance of Momiji and levels from the Ninja Gaiden series. The addition of modes from Dead or Alive 5 Plus, including "Skill Info Plus" and a tutorial mode, will allow novice and expert fighters to refine their fighting style with razor-fine precision.
Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is published tomorrow by Tecmo Koei Europe as both retail packaged goods and digital download, for Xbox 360 and PS3. The launch video is locally mirrored.