Ninja Climb Released on iOS and Screens/Trailer

The latest in a series of iOS titles from Natsume
Natsume has released a video and fifteen screenshots for Ninja Climb announcing that this game is available now on iOS. A band of ninjas were on a secret mission to infiltrate a castle and steal its treasure. They got the treasure, but when they tried to escape through a moat, it turned out to be a trap. The water level around the moat is rising fast, and the ninjas must find a way out before the water catches up to them.
Players can build their tower by placing falling and rotating blocks on top of each other. As they build, their ninja will climb the tower, but players need to be careful they don't accidently trap their ninja so he can't climb up the tower. In addition, they need to make sure their ninja doesn't meet his demise in the water below. Players can create a path for their ninja to escape using falling blocks and special moves to help their ninja get to the top.