Madden NFL 25 Sales Record

Fans play more than 300 million minutes and set record week for Madden Ultimate Team
Electronic Arts sent out a press release announcing that Madden NFL 25 sold-through more than 1 million units during its first seven days at retail (August 27 - September 2), catapulting the title to the top of the videogame charts as the highest selling game in North America in August, according to internal estimates. Fans played nearly 6M hours of Madden NFL 25 in Week One, the equivalent of more than 600 consecutive years. Rivalries run deep as fans chose Seahawks vs. 49ers three times more than any other matchup. Fans took the competition to Madden Ultimate Team too, opening more than 3.3M packs, the most in any single week since Ultimate Team was introduced in Madden NFL 10.
In addition, Saturday marked the highest day for net revenue in Madden Ultimate Team history.