Maverick Hunters Kickstarter Campaign Launched and Screens

Considered a spiritual successor to the Mega Man X Series, MHX is an action platformer shooter with a customizable hero
Created by Jerry Lee Friestad, Maverick Hunters was designed from the ground up to capture the fast pace of 16 bit side scrolling action games while adding in more features such as player customization and co-op modes.
The game takes place in the near future where robots under the control of a rogue AI referred to as "The X" have waged war on humans. In order to compete with the powerful foe some humans have upgraded themselves with robotic parts to become synthetic, which leaves a grey area in the debate on what is really human in these trying times. The story focuses on a group of gifted synthetics dubbed "The Maverick Hunters" allying with the humans to target high profile generals of the robot army. As you progress you can purchase upgrades and customize your synthetic abilities to personalize your combat talents.
Its Kickstarter campaign page is located here - all backers are guaranteed a beta copy of the game, $15 or more secures you a digital copy of the final version on all platforms. Two screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.