U55 - END OF THE LINE Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Trailer

Deeply embedded in H.P. Lovecraft's mythology, U55 – END OF THE LINE is a horror game set in modern-day Berlin
Effective Evolutions has launched a Kickstarter campaign for U55 - END OF THE LINE, a survival horror game that faithfully recreates key Berlin locations, such as the various subway stations, areas of the government district and even the historical underground facilities. Utilizing binaural sound effects, the game's audio's been especially designed for stereo headsets and with Oculus Rift support.
The sole focus of U55-END OF THE LINE is survival. Desperately seeking for help, the player traverses through Berlin's widely ramified subway system. Armed only with your smartphone display as your only source of light, you have to push your way through the dark tunnels, looking for an exit. While confronting an malevolent force below ground, little does the player know that they‘ve become a cog in a mechanism that will inevitably change the fate of mankind once and for all.
A video is locally mirrored.