The Power Game Announced for Windows 8, Surface & Phone, Screens/Trailer Available

A reboot of the popular strategy board game
Developed by Atom Split Games, The Power Game is a turn-based strategy game that features two rows of eight opposing cogs. Players must move their cogs around the board in an effort to turn their opponents master gear clockwise, while using their opponents cogs against them.
The Power Game features three game modes - a single player mode against the AI, a two-player mode, and an online multiplayer mode. Available as an ad supported app, or a paid app, the game features micro-transactions to allow players to earn or purchase additional backgrounds, cogs and master gears to personalise their experience. However, the game is one of the first to feature a "shock-proof" microtransactions model, allowing players to buy a one off purchase to disable additional purchases, and give unlimited bolts.
Four screenshots and a video are available now for your viewing pleasure.