World in Flames Beta Signups

Searching testers for this new wargame
Matrix Games announced they are accepting applications for the upcoming beta test of World in Flames, the computer version of Australian Design Group's classic board game, covering both the European and Pacific Theaters of Operations during World War II. World in Flames features 6000+ unique units, 250+ countries, and a global map of 70,200 hexes. Land units are corps and army level, supplemented with specialized divisions. Naval units include individual counters for every carrier, battleship, cruiser, and light cruiser in the war. Air units represent groups of 250 to 500 airplanes displayed on screen using 1000+ unique bitmapped images.
All 11 scenarios from World in Flames Final Edition are included and they range from the small 5 turn Barbarossa offensive in Russia and the 5 turn Guadalcanal battle in the Pacific, through to the 36 turn Global War campaign which spans all of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Atlantic, and the Pacific. You can play either the Axis or the Allied side or take the role of one of the 8 major powers. Besides solitaire against yourself and head-to-head, you can play over the Internet. The last two modes of play permit team play with up to 6 players (3 per side).