Over The Moon Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Trailer

The Fall: dark, story driven exploration in an alien world
In the works at Over The Moon, The Fall is a cinematic platformer about ARID, an artificial intelligence onboard the space suit of a futuristic soldier. The Fall opens just as this soldier is rendered unconscious, leaving ARID to take control of the suit and attempt to save the soldier's life. However, as an AI, her behaviour is limited by her own governing laws of robotics. As ARID explores the world of The Fall, she fights against her own set of rules to save the life of her human friend, and ultimately gain self understanding.
The Fall was inspired heavily by both Super Metroid and Monkey Island and is a combination of those two genres. Players explore their environments and solve several traditional adventure game puzzles. These puzzles are designed to guide the thinking of the players in a way that's in line with ARID's struggle. As ARID is blocked by her own set of laws, players must find loopholes and contradictions to these rules, creating more personal choice and progressing the story along those lines.
The game's Kickstarter campaign page is located here - a video is available for your viewing pleasure.