Dragon's Prophet Launched and Trailer

Prepare yourselves for some epic dragon adventures
Releasing a new video, Sony Online Entertainment and Infernum Productions AG have announced that Dragonís Prophet is now live in Europe and North America as a free-to-play title. In Dragonís Prophet, players must choose from four distinct player classes - ranger, sorcerer, guardian or oracle - and band together to battle a variety of legendary creatures as they work to restore order to the land from the evil Black Dragon that has escaped his eternal prison, and is more dangerous than ever.Beginning today, players can participate in the open world Frontier System. This system allows players to construct unique houses, form Alliances of up to five guilds, and experience aerial and mounted combat. Aided by siege weaponry and Alliance Guardian Dragons, Alliances will engage in large-scare player-versus-player (PvP) wars to assert their superiority and achieve the ultimate prize - eventual control of different territories in the Auratian Sky Islands.