Uplay 4.0 Adds Twitch Integration

Uplay also will be integrated into next-gen consoles
Ubisoft has announced that the next PC version of its cross-game, cross-platform service Uplay will be available for all members in October 2013. The integration of Twitch enables members to broadcast their in-game videos and share some of their most memorable gaming achievements with friends. An improved download manager allows for the progressive download of games and auto-patching, meaning that gamers can spend more time playing. And a new social wall keeps members up-to-date on their friends' activities.
Ubisoft also confirmed that Uplay will be available when Xbox One and PS4 will arrive in stores later this year. Using one unique profile, new and existing Uplay members will be able to seamlessly access the full scope of Uplay services and features on next-generation consoles. Above all, gamers will benefit from the Uplay Win program, which rewards fans for their commitment to Ubisoft's brands, both in-game and in real life with additional in-game content such as items and accessories, and invitations to consumer and industry events. More than 40 million rewards have been redeemed to date.

Uplay on PC
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