PES 2014 Multiplayer Mode Detailed and Trailer

For the first time PES 2014 offers 11 vs 11 online gameplay
Releasing a new video, Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that a a free day one patch for PES 2014 will unlock the Friendly Match Lobby and Ranking Match, allowing for sophisticated match making and leaderboard rankings. Master League Online mode also makes its triumphant return.
In a second patch, to be provided in the weeks after the initial launch, players will be given access to the full online suite for PES 2014. This patch brings the 11 vs. 11 multiplayer features. To complement the 11 vs. 11 match up, new matchmaking support systems will place similarly ranked players together for a deliberately balanced match. Roster updates and cosmetic improvements, including facial features and overall aesthetics will be included in the second patch.