The Last Door Third Episode Unveiled

You can help developers make Chapter Three
The Game Kitchen has announced that the development of The Four Witnesses, the third chapter of The Last Door saga, is close to completion. However, the indie studio needs one last push to get its funding goal reached and thus, move the project forward. Those who have already contributed to the cause can increase its total contribution with an additional contribution which will be added to the total amount they had already donated, obtaining the attached benefits if it applies. For those who haven't been able to donate for whatever reason, the indie studio has designed a special summer promotion where players can help the project by promoting it and get access to the game or other rewards.
The donation page is located here - the beta version of The Four Witnesses will become available for "premium" fans (donations from 15) on September 30th.
Another novelty unveiled by the Spanish indie studio, is that if in the case they finally fund the minimum production costs (10,000), developers will reward their followers as they reach different stretch goals. For example, if they manage to reach 11,000 all community members will be able to download the original soundtrack of the first chapter ("The Letter") free of charge, and if revenues continue raising, The Game Kitchen will be offering more ambitious rewards.
Finally, if the game gets to raise 15,000, the company will release the game as a stand-alone, downloadable version, DRM-free for Windows, Mac and Linux.