Furmins Coming to PS Vita This October and Trailer

The Playstation Vita version was developed and published by Beatshapers under license of Housemarque
Housemarque today announced that its physics-based action puzzle Furmins will be available for PlayStation Vita in October 2013. In Furmins, players are attempting to guide the eponymous and loveable creatures across fiendishly designed levels by rearranging a variety of items as well as using bumpers and conveyor belts in real-time with well-coordinated precision. Strategically placed items create pathways and physical chain reactions that guide the Furmins to the basket and level completion.
Furmins for PS Vita features 108 game levels across 9 game worlds (one as DLC), touchscreen or rear touch pad controls, global and world scoreboards with filters (overall, friends, your score), and 12 PlayStation Network trophies. A video is now locally mirrored.