Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Genki Feature Detailed

This new energy gauge allows players to perform stunning attacks and combos
NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S. announced today that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will have to complete certain conditions to achieve a Special Bonus that will trigger the Genki Request at the end of the missions. This new feature will allow DBZ challengers from all over the world to gather and share Genki together. A world-meter counting the World Genki will allow players to follow-up with their combined efforts.
Completing missions provides two kinds of rewards; on one hand, Dragon Ball Points (DP) can be used to buy items from the Item Collection Store. On the other hand, completing missions with their Special Bonus events allows fans to send more Genki and earn Premium Points (PP) in exchange of this Genki. With PP, players can buy unique items such as the Limit Jewel and much more from the Premium Collection Store.
When equipped with the very rare and unique Limit Jewel, some brawlers will perform an Ultimate Move (such as Goku with his Spirit Bomb). With all these exclusive items, gamers can equip their favourite DBZ characters to enhance their performances.