Storm the Gates Kickstarter Campaign Underway and Screens

New cross-platform multiplayer turn-based tactical combat game for tablets and web
Rebel Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Storm the Gates, a cross-platform multiplayer tactical combat game with elements of collectible card game (CCG). Set in a medieval fantasy world torn by war, success on the battlefield in Storm the Gates requires a blend of strategic planning and tactical execution on the fly.
Matches start on a grid-based battlefield divided by the thick cover of trees. During each match, players accumulate valuable resources by controlling more territory, and in turn crushing their opponents with more deadly warriors. As players explore the map they deploy and command their units, paving new roads toward their enemy's stronghold. Destruction of your enemy's base is the ultimate goal of each match. When the tree lines disappear, the hell of war is unleashed and the bloodshed begins.
Storm the Gates will be available on iPad and the web at launch - five screenshots found their way in our gallery.