Steel Storm: A.M.M.O. Gets Steam Early Access

Come form a brigade with your friends and achieve glory in battle today with Steel Storm: A.M.M.O.
Developed by Zeolite Studios for PC, Steel Storm: A.M.M.O. (Armored Mechanized Mobile Operations) or SS: AMMO in short is a fast-paced competitive arena shoot-em-up (shmup). Set in the Steel Storm universe and an updated Japanese anime-inspired sci-fi world, you will get to pick an avatar to represent yourself as well as to choose a hovertank to do battle with.
You can get in your mobile armor or hovertank and join either the Royal Interstellar Armored Corp (RIAC) or Separatist Union (SU). You can pick from a list of available battlefields located across the Steel Storm universe, and prepare to engage your friends in frantic MOBA-styled battlefests.
Steel Storm: A.M.M.O. is now available via Steam Early Access.