The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Hanger 6 R&D DLC Unveiled and Screens

It gives players an opportunity to immerse themselves in new characters and stories
Scheduled to be available on October 8th, exclusively for Xbox 360, the Hanger 6 R&D DLC (downloadable content) takes place shortly before Agent Carter's adventures in the main game, right before the large-scale alien invasion begins. Players will learn that during this time Agent DaSilva had volunteered for a series of psychic experiments at an undisclosed location known by The Bureau as simply "Hangar 6".
In this DLC, players will take control of Agent DaSilva, and his squad, as they are treated with an elerium-based compound gas in order to visualize and combat the mental defenses of another agent infected with the "Sleepwalker" pathogen. Seven screenshots found their way in our gallery.