Total War: Rome II Patch 3 Deployed

It will be automatically applied to your game on restarting
Creative Assembly has issued the third patch for Total War: Rome II adding over 140 technical, gameplay, balancing and usability improvements. Technical optimizations include Campaign performance improvements on some hardware configurations, fixes for UI flickering in SLI setups, and a significant multiplayer campaign-speed boost.
There are many new gameplay improvements, such as alterations to the victory point system, and chiefly a reduction in the circumstances in which victory points appear in battles. For example, when the player is attacked while occupying a minor settlement (though not a provincial capital), a new Sally Forth button is available on the pre-battle panel, which enables the player’s army to fight the attackers in an open field battle without victory points.
More details can be found on this page. Patch 4 enters public beta soon, with further technical optimizations and improvements to gameplay, balance and usability to come.