Transport Tycoon iOS/Android Versions Released and Screens/Trailer

The legendary management simulation game once again allows players to turn small towns into bustling cities almost two decades after its original release
Transport Tycoon, which first appeared for PC in 1994, is now available as a completely restored and re-mastered edition developed for iOS and Android mobile platforms. The game invites players to build the ultimate transport empire on their mobile devices. Over the last century the world has been transformed by motorized transport and players will race to forge new and lucrative routes across a sprawling living landscape. You must succeed in business to watch the empire grow over a century utilizing 150+ unique vehicles spanning from steam trains and sail ships to the supersonic aircraft and bullet trains of the modern era.
An all-new user interface that is specially designed for touch-screen devices will allow for easy exploration and interaction of more than 40 scenarios to suit all skill levels and playing styles. Eleven fresh screenshots and the launch video have been added in our download section.